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Shine's This Is Me race

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# Balloon Name Distance
1 Bentley Rowe Ltd 2,344.69 km
2 M D Hughes & Partners Ltd 2,299.94 km
3 Central Garage (Irthlingborough) Ltd 2,283.75 km
4 Sabre Plastic Mouldings Ltd 2,215.99 km
5 Constantine Construction Co (Medway) Ltd 2,214.47 km
6 Westford Mechanical Ltd 2,213.08 km
7 A Line Coaches 2,213.00 km
8 Constantine Construction Co (Medway) Ltd 2,212.99 km
9 Penvirad T/A Tecomak Ltd 2,212.54 km
10 Constantine Construction Co (Medway) Ltd 2,212.05 km
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