Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Shine?

We are a charity that provides support to people with Spina bifida and hydrocephalus. You can find out more about us at

What are virtual balloon races?

Our balloon races are a fun way to make a serious difference. Once you’ve bought a balloon you can view it online and personalise it. Then when the race starts you can follow its fortunes as it flies across landmarks, competing against the balloons of other Shine supporters hoping to win the race and a choice of prizes!

Boosting and voting for your balloon(s)

This can only be done when the race is running. 

  1. Click "View Race Page"
  2. Go to the map
  3. Locate the balloon you wish to support
  4. Tap "pledge your support" this is written in blue
  5. Tap "click here to pledge support"


Emails and notifications

 If you have opted in….you will be notified by email when the balloons are released, you will receive email updates of it’s/their progress.  At the end of the race you will be informed by email where your balloon(s) finished.

 If you have opted out….You will not receive any information about the race.

 The winner of the balloon race will be contacted by telephone within 2 days of the race ending.

To Pay an invoice

Please follow the instruction on this link.


 If you need any further support  regarding the balloon races please call Gayle Murphy on 07780.134556 (9.15am til 4.45pm Mon to Fri)

If you have any further questions about Shine and how we help, please contact us.