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Shine's Supporting Parents and Carers Virtual Balloon Race - January 2022

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Race Leaderboard

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# Balloon Name Distance
1 World Precision Instruments Ltd 5,051.26 km
2 Suspended Access Systems Ltd 5,035.73 km
3 Cherry Tree Homes (UK) Ltd 5,032.32 km
4 Electrasolar Ltd 5,021.01 km
5 Crelling Harnesses Ltd 5,018.10 km
6 G W Strandt & Sons Ltd 5,016.16 km
7 Sandhill Consultants Ltd 5,015.84 km
8 bClear Communications Ltd 5,015.79 km
9 Carafax Ltd 5,013.05 km
10 Kul-Kis & Co Ltd 5,009.38 km
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