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January - Shine's Benny & Bella New Year race 2019

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# Balloon Name Distance
1 Newport Spectra Physics Ltd 2,004.93 km
2 Sydney Parker & Co 2,002.20 km
3 Hopkins Architects Partnership LLP 1,997.90 km
4 Arronbrook Caravans Ltd 1,996.93 km
5 N C Engineering (Hamiltonsbawn) Ltd 1,996.39 km
6 Relational Database Technology Ltd 1,994.50 km
7 Pyramid Catering Equipment Ltd 1,994.24 km
8 Anglefield Construction Ltd 1,993.56 km
9 V J Donegan & Co Ltd 1,990.92 km
10 Relational Database Technology Ltd 1,990.57 km
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