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to Mr Steve Baggitt of Blight Broad & Skinnard based in Cornwall. Winners of the race and soon-to-be recipients of a case of champagne. Thank you for your support and ENJOY!!



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Shine's Family Support Race

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# Balloon Name Distance
1 Blight Broad & Skinnard 1,888.82 km
2 Enliten IT 1,818.64 km
3 Complete Studio Graphics Ltd 1,804.30 km
4 Shift It 1,793.95 km
5 Fen Farm Supplies 1,793.08 km
6 A G M Vehicle Services 1,791.50 km
7 Global Marketing Group Ltd 1,787.92 km
8 R T S Piling 1,786.11 km
9 Cairn Technology 1,785.25 km
10 Drilling Software Services Ltd 1,785.16 km
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