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Sound Financial Management Ltd


Gripple Ltd

Balloon Launch

7th March 2022 Hydrocephalus Awareness Balloon Race

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Race Leaderboard

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# Balloon Name Distance
1 ProSys Dev Ltd 1,922.03 km
2 Sound Financial Management Ltd 1,902.39 km
3 Gripple Ltd 1,860.91 km
4 Optimum Technology Transfer Ltd 1,841.67 km
5 Greenmount Developments Ltd 1,830.48 km
6 Leominster Construction Co Ltd 1,828.67 km
7 Max Foote Associates Ltd 1,825.60 km
8 Optimum Technology Transfer Ltd 1,824.53 km
9 Wavevend Ltd 1,822.01 km
10 Traleda Construction Ltd 1,820.67 km
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