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Balloon Launch

7th February 2020 Allens Croft Nursery School Virtual Balloon Race for Hydrocephalus Awareness Week

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Race Leaderboard

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# Balloon Name Distance
1 D'meco 3,533.13 km
2 ACBirdie 3,423.45 km
3 Max R AC 3,421.87 km
4 L.O'Connor (AC) 3,420.64 km
5 Anonymous Balloon #107421 3,415.92 km
6 Towie ac 3,405.12 km
7 Laith - littles AC 3,401.91 km
8 Landon&mackenzie ac 3,380.25 km
9 Harleen (AC) 3,375.07 km
10 Bertie Bear 3,369.88 km
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